we specialise in fleet management & fuel monitoring through digit vehicle tracking technology.


Digit vehicle tracking and fleet management
We have been in the vehicle tracking business since the start of Digit vehicle tracking. Being one of their very first distributors in the Gauteng province. We are actually known as Digisky tracking but in the past few years we have changed our name to Digit GP mostly due to the fact that we are one of the biggest Digit fleet management solutions distributors in Gauteng and have been one of the Top Service delivery companies for the Digit group since the start.
It has been an eventful 10 years, yes you have heard correctly. We have been doing fleet management, vehicle tracking, fuel monitoring, vehicle immobilising, trailer tracking, temperature monitoring and just plain old asset tracking for more than 10 years. We started of as a small tracker company in the east of Pretoria and has grown to service over more than a 1000 clients. We keep our vehicle tracking clients due to 2 things.
We have impeccable service delivery to the fleet owners whom we service and our tracking product is designed to take the harsh environments thrown at it in the African fleet and logistics industry.
It just shows you that the supplier of Digit vehicle tracking and fleet management product, has been a stable supplier with good quality hardware that lasts for year. Some of the very first tracking devices installed by us 10 years ago are still working today. It is crazy to think we have been doing it this long, and with our product base expanding into dash cameras and full on vehicle camera solutions the sky is the limit.

our main products

Fuel monitoring

DFuel is a real time vehicle tracking fuel monitoring system for fleet management capable of not just monitoring diesel fuels but also capable of monitoring petrol live. This real time fuel management system gives you the fuel reading live with gps pinpoint positioning to your control room. As a part of the fleet management system the  Fuel level sensor is installed directly into your fleet vehicle's fuel tank and monitors the fuel live with pinpoint accurate readings through the vehicle tracking device. Working in conjunction with your vehicle tracking it can actually show you through the fleet management software with gps pinpoint positioning precisely where fuel theft events occurred  and it can summarise fuel usage for the month on your fleet vehicles.

Immobilise via sms

Digit DCut system is designed for your personal safety to remotely immobilize your fleet vehicle to prevent theft and prevent hi-jacking of your fleet vehicles and to help with recovery in the event of theft. Vehicle tracking in South Africa is there to give fleet managers a sense of control over the fleet vehicles but with a DCut on your vehicle tracking device you have total control over your fleet vehicle because you can immobilise it via sms. Fleet management and monitoring has taken a turn for the better and for private owners personal safety'with innovative fleet vehicle immobilisation systems like this. Once a panic button is pressed, fleet managers can do immobilisation via sms almost immediately and receive sms acknowledgement of delivery anywhere in South Africa.This immobilise system can help in the case of vehicle theft and recovery.

Fleet camera system

Digit DCam fleet camera system is one of the best functional Fleet camera systems in South Africa designed for vehicle video surveillance and live video monitoring from your control room environment.With built-in GPS vehicle tracking and 5 camera channel views, you can live monitor fleet vehicles from anywhere in the world. with 4 normal quality vehicle cameras and 1 HD IP fleet dash camera you can see the best quality dash camera video feeds live from your control room. This will help a company immensely when it comes to insurance claims in South Africa. Keeping an eye on your driver once he leaves the office is beneficial for good driver behavior and your company to have an eye on your assets. You can login on the internet and view your driver and company vehicle online at any time. This solution has advanced tracking vehicles and made a it more personal experience.

Example VideoExample 2 Video

Temperature live

in fleet tracking Dtemp is a temperature data logger for remote temperature monitoring or event reporting via vehicle tracking device. It is designed to be used in the cold chain fleet services where temperature monitoring is a necessity. In the supply chain industry we have found that having a temperature data monitor can save your business a lot of money. Remote temperature  monitoring is a new thing for some companies but we have been logging temperature data with gps pinpoint accuracy in the cold chain industry for more than 7 years now. You can see temperatures with gps pinpoint positioning on historical data reports. Fleet management isn't just about stolen vehicle recovery, it is about managing and monitoring assets. Receive an sms when the temperature spikes beyond a threshold as a early warning system.

More than fleet tracking, this is true fleet management

Gone are the days of tracking devices for stolen vehicle recovery or as a tax logbook for your business. These devices need to pay for themselves. And they do when they are used not only for tracking your vehicle with gps pinpoint accuracy but when all services are implemented to show your vehicle fuel levels live and give you the power to see which driver is currently in what fleet vehicle. Fleet management solutions like this should make being a fleet manager easier when it comes to managing logistics.

Have the power to see all data live while your fleet is on the road

480 litres

amount onboard

The current fuel available in the vehicle's tank

112 km/h

current speed

The speed updates live every 20 seconds

25.3 V

voltage updates

Not only can you monitor the vehicle voltage live but any alternative power source.

-7 deg Celsius

coldstorage temperature

The temperature of the cold storage unit on the back live.

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