Dash Cam – driver camera monitoring keeps you in the loop on your fleet

What is an MDVR?

A mobile digital video recording device is used to record up to 5 channels of video feed on any vehicle.

It is not an entry level dash cam but a dash camera like product developed for the fleet market. Robust and of high quality to make sure your fleet are covered in the event of a theft and/or an accident.

Here is a little video introduction on what a MDVR is.

Artificial intelligence

Who has the time to sit and look through a whole days footage to monitor your driver camera for bad driver behavior. The latest in camera surveillance technology is here, the dashcam recording system actually looks for trends in driver behavior and notifies you via alarm or email of what is currently happening in the vehicle. Here is a short video explaining how this dash cam system works.

What the AI system can detect from your drivers:

dash camera making calls dash cam smoking dashcam distractions dash cam fatigue

Front collision detection

Lane departure detection


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