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Dash Camera Benefits for Fleet Vehicles and Companies

Dash Camera Benefits for Fleet Vehicles and Companies

We here at Digit GP Fleet and fuel management say that semi-trucks and other fleet vehicles should have fleet video monitoring systems installed. This allows companies to protect against fraud and improve driver accident rates and skill level. Dash camera benefits can save companies a lot of money each year. Money that can be spent to benefit vehicle fleet performance, increase profits, increase safety and reward employees.

Accidents – Collisions – Crashes

One of the most visible benefits of vehicle dash cameras are its accident recording capabilities. Capturing a vehicle collations on video insures that there is always a witness around. Many people have used accident footage to prove that they were not at fault. Companies often face an uphill battle to prove that their drivers are innocent. Most likely because many fleet vehicles are much larger than the average car on the road.

There are over 1,300,000 road deaths each year throughout the world. Installing a video event recorder can cut a driver’s collision rate by 50%. Saving businesses money, time, and legal cost. While keeping your vehicles on the road where they belong instead of the repair shop. Cameras such as the X2 video event recorder capture video before and after an accident so that fleet managers can review just the important events without wasting hours of time fast forwarding through camera footage.

Driver Monitoring

Peace of mind and driver accountability. Many dash cameras record only one angle but dual-view dash cameras for monitoring drivers record the inside and outside of the vehicle with 2 camera lenses. When drivers know they may be watched they are more likely to be on their best behavior. This translates into drivers staying alert behind the wheel and your vehicles being well taken care. It also greatly reduces driver error and cell phone use. With features like Visual Telematics Fleet managers can see live video clips from their vehicles.

Employee Fraud

Whether it be driver fraud or insurance scams fraud is something that will cost you company money. Crash for cash scams where a motorist slams on their breaks in front of a commercial vehicle causing an accident have been going on for years and have costs companies money and time while endangering other drivers on the road.

When a camera is there it is much more difficult for scammers to take advantage of you. Vehicle monitoring cameras like the X2 have settings that can trigger recordings at different times or when active by the G-Force of a vehicle crash.

Insurance Claims

Video can bring clarity to deciphering what really happens in an accident. This can lead to claims being processed much quicker. It can also help to get claims approved.

Insurance Saving

Insurance providers recognize the fraud and risk savings associated with having a video camera installed.  Insurance premium savings differ for each insurance company however many are offering a 10% savings to their clients.

Some Clients have cut their insurances cost be over 50 percent.

Camera Sleep Mode

When the vehicle is off so is the camera? Not always. Many cameras have a sleep setting. When the vehicle is off and parked the camera remains in sleep mode. If a car backs into your vehicle the camera turns on and begins recording. This helps to eliminate mystery damage while using very little battery power.

GPS Tracking

Never lose track of a vehicle. Monitor driver routes with built-in GPS. Track each vehicle and see where they are. Real-Time video and GPS monitoring can help companies be sure their fleet is where it should be. Make sure that drivers do not take company cars off route or on personal errands. Personal miles can add up quick and your company may be held responsible for damages that happen with your vehicle whether it is with your knowledge or without.

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