DCam in fleet vehicle camera systems

Digit Dcam is one of the best vehicle camera solutions proven in South African conditions and for south African fleet owners currently

This is an incident that happened last year caught on the drive cam…Who do you think was at fault? At least Digit Dcam shows us the answer in full color. When it comes to security and validation nothing can beat the combination of cars and cameras. The Digit Dcam Fleet vehicle video camera system is designed to help Fleet Managers in any logistics company to monitor and track the company vehicles from their vehicle tracking control room. Have you got Cameras fitted to your fleet yet?

The Dcam Fleet vehicle video camera system is one of the best dash cam systems doubling not just as a car camera system but has up to 4 other camera channels to use one as a car reverse camera to make reversing big fleet vehicles easier. and obviously monitoring a loading bay makes live easier on fleet managers having live video feed of the loading section camera whenever they want to monitor it.

In this example the HD camera port is used as the Dash cam viewing out and then 3 extra cameras are angled to give you left of truck camera angle and right of truck camera angle and then a dash cam that views into the vehicle.