DFuel fleet fuel management and real time diesel levels

Dfuel – Monitor fuel Live

The demand for fuel management has reached a point where it is almost becoming a standard requirement for any fleet manager. The diesel fuel management sensor works in conjunction with your Digit tracking system to keep a permanent live fuel gauge running on your system. Once installed and calibrated the user can expect average accuracies of 99% or better.

Fuel Theft

Fuel theft occurs in a number of ways including siphoning from the tank, draining from the return line, filling extra containers at the garage whilst refuelling and obtaining slips for amounts exceeding the actual volume filled. With Digit fuel management these problems can be eliminated and the other benefits of the system are sure to make your business more profitable.

Some software features

LIVE fuel level. During live tracking one can see how much fuel each vehicle has on board. Fuel Added on daily trip reports details how much fuel is added in litres and where the refuelling occurred. Fuel theft SMS directly to your phone the moment fuel is taken by draining or siphoning. Reports of fuel usage between any two dates automatically calculating l/100km and km/litre. Instant report of all fuel used in a month, as well as total fuel currently in all your vehicles. Information can be used to see litres per hour for generators and earth moving equipment. Using the area calculation the information can also be used to determine litres per Ha. (For agricultural applications)