Diesel Skimming

Diesel Skimming

Recently the award winning news series Carte Blanche did an expose on the under ground world of Diesel Skimming operations. We have referred to these diesel skimming operations as a “Diesel Shebeens“.

Have a look at the video done by the carte blanche team.

Have you heard of diesel skimming? It’s a little-known, illegal operation where hundreds of truck drivers make unscheduled pit stops to allow criminals to siphon off several litres of fuel from their trucks in exchange for hard cash. The transaction is quick. The money is easy. And it’s unsuspecting consumers who could be forking out extra in transport fees. Carte Blanche goes undercover to expose one major syndicate on Johannesburg’s East Rand.

Diesel Skimming is a reality

We have been seeing these theft and have aided in the closing down of many of these diesel skimming operations in the past 6 years.
Our system is a live monitoring fuel system that actually alerts clients of theft when it happens via SMS.

‘our product pays for itself with the saving in fuel theft and diesel skimming’

Further more we have the reporting infrastructure to prove theft happened and who can be held accountable.Our product pays for itself with the saving in fuel theft and diesel skimming.

A daily trip report will show you where and when a diesel skimming occurred.
A full day fuel graph will show you the drop in fuel where it happened and time based between which times it happened.
With a accurate map view of where on the premises the theft occurred so that it can be followed up to see if camera footage is available or that sting operations can be orchestrated to arrest these diesel skimming operations.

For further information regarding our product that monitors you vehicle’s fuel levels live! Every 30 seconds while moving and every few minutes while standing still. Give us a call for a free demonstration and consultancy so that we can show you how you can start saving your business.

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