Cold Chain temperature monitoring through vehicle trackingDtemp is a temperature data logger for remote temperature monitoring that works in conjunction with a vehicle tracking or a fleet management device. It is designed to be used in the cold chain fleet services where temperature monitoring is a necessity. In the supply chain industry we have found that having a temperature data monitor can save your business a lot of money. Remote temperature  monitoring is a new thing for some companies but we have been logging temperature data in the cold chain industry for more than 7 years now.

Temperature monitoring of cold chain fleet vehicles in Gauteng

Ensure perishable stock is at the right temperature at all times! Losing perishable stock such as food, liquids, medicines or chemicals can be very costly. Managing and controlling temperatures for large volumes of stock may be challenging at times. With Digit’s DTemp solutions, track, monitor and manage perishable stock by logging temperature data live while it is on the move with a vehicle tracking or a fleet management device or is being stored at fixed locations that may not be in your direct control. Whether your high-valued perishable stock is on the move or in remote fixed locations, take back control and ensure you are maximising performance and profit margins. System Alarms, Email or SMS/ Text Alerts can be set to notify you as soon as the temperature climes above a predetermined setting. Temperature data is updated every 25 seconds through a vehicle tracking or a fleet management device to ensure you are always-up-to-date with the smallest of incremental change and allowing you to take the necessary action as soon as possible. DTemp solutions work in conjunction with other Digit technologies such as Digit Vehicle tracking, DFuel, DTag etc. to ensure optimum fleet management and safety at all times.

Temperature monitoring for the cold chain industry through vehicle trackingDigit temperature monitoring offers a low cost, accurate method to live display the temperature in cold chain applications. The software will display the temperature of the load for the entire day, ensuring the maximum allowable temperature is never exceeded. The technology that goes into this monitoring system is kept up to date with the latest temperature probe standards, to ensure accurate measurements. Having this solution is obviously beneficial for company health when it comes to proving temperature levels with this live temperture monitoring system. If you are in the cold chain industry one of the most important monitoring systems is one that can check cold chain storage temp levels.

fleet vehicle temperature monitoring through its vehicle tracking device