fuel theft prevention system for trucks and fleet management

Fuel theft prevention systems are the future of fleet management

A while ago Carte Blanche did an expose on the underground world of Diesel Skimming operations. This was an eye-opener for many fleet management companies and how they should start investing in fuel theft prevention systems.

The price of diesel has started to skyrocket in the past few years and it has created an increasing burden on logistics companies. Cutting margins on expenses and this includes increases for staff has put more economic pressure on drivers.
Some of these drivers and other opportunists are now looking for easy ways to generate income and that is by selling fuel from their fleet vehicles for a cheaper rate than it costs to fill them.


When installing a fuel management device it gives you the benefit of seeing your fleet’s fuel levels live. this gives you a new level of management where you can now schedule vehicles according to their current fuel levels, you can send vehicles out for recovery or service delivery by a single glance at which one has enough fuel to go and do the job and get back.

Not only is it a phenomenal management level upgrade but when it comes to diesel theft prevention, this system shines in comparison to its closest rival. It updates your fuel level every few seconds while the vehicle is on the move and every few minutes when the vehicle is stationary overnight.

You can even set it up so that you get a notification when possible fuel theft is happening. And except for that, you can see a detailed report on the fleet management platform on when and where the fuel has been removed.

There is no perfect system to prevent fuel theft but of the ones currently available on the market, this one comes the closest.

You can read more on some incidents where we caught fuel theft happening at this links.