UPDATED 11/11/2019 – Anti theft devices and system for trucks – Stop Diesel Theft and Stop Fuel Theft of your fleet vehicles.

See every fuel fill from the comfort of your office

With the DFuel software you can follow fuel being filled into your fleet vehicles from any remote fuel station. You can keep track of what the levels are in each individual vehicle and can make informed decisions on the fly. We make managing vehicles easier for the fleet manager.

Fuel theft occurs in a number of ways including siphoning from the tank, draining from the return line, filling extra containers at the garage whilst refueling and obtaining slips for amounts exceeding the actual volume filled. With Digit fuel management these problems can be eliminated and the other benefits of the system are sure to make your business more profitable. Go and see here just how they steal fuel

Some software features

LIVE fuel level. During live tracking one can see how much fuel each vehicle has on board. Fuel Added on daily trip reports details how much fuel is added in litres and where the refuelling occurred. Fuel theft SMS directly to your phone the moment fuel is taken by draining or siphoning. Reports of fuel usage between any two dates automatically calculating l/100km and km/litre. Instant report of all fuel used in a month, as well as total fuel currently in all your vehicles. Information can be used to see litres per hour for generators and earth moving equipment. Using the area calculation the information can also be used to determine litres per Ha. (For agricultural applications)

Read here on how the software is used to catch these diesel thieves

Digital Accuracy

The demand for fuel management has reached a point where it is almost becoming a standard requirement for any fleet manager. The diesel fuel management sensor works in conjunction with your Digit tracking system to keep a permanent live fuel gauge running on your system. Once installed and calibrated the user can expect average accuracy of 99% or better.

Depending on the shape and size of the tank, once calibrated, accuracy is typically better than 1% error. With training and support from the Digit team, we will give you the tools to understand this technology so that it becomes the most valuable tool in your expense control.

Fuel graph

As a fleet manager you would want a overview of the full day’s fuel usage of any given fleet vehicle. With the digit fleet and fuel management system you can have the full usage graph for the day at the press of a button. You can then have a quick overview of where fuel was added (as in the example here) and by clicking at the point of interest it will actually give you the location and time the vehicle was at that specific point.

Notification on theft

The biggest issue faced by fleet companies and offsite construction companies is catching fuel theft in the act. With The DFuel monitoring device you will get notified if there is a sharp decline in the fuel level. Giving you the opportunity to respond and catch people in the act of theft.

Fuel theft.

We eliminate normal day-to-day diesel theft by fitting a well designed live monitoring fuel probe with the sole mission to truly eradicate fuel theft. We have developed a range of products that have no equivalent in the diesel theft prevention market.
We address the whole fuel system – if fuel is being stolen from the vehicle anywhere in the fuel lines. By effectively addressing addressing it with a live fuel monitoring system, we stop daily fuel theft. No wonder we are installed at some of the nations largest fleets, mining and construction companies.
Our system is designed to save your fleet company money.

Different types of fuel tanks Digit fuel monitoring system can be installed o

Main features that ensures perfect prevention and protection

  • 100% live fuel theft monitoring system designed for africa fleet vehicles – Superior design and functionality.
  • Can be installed on a single fuel tank vehicle all the way up to 3 tanks per vehicle – Very versatile fuel monitoring.
  • Fuel probe installation done professionally -to provide excellent live fuel readings and superior access protection.
  • Unaligned baffle plates – tightly installed for physical strength.
  • Always active fuel theft prevention – thieves will steal fuel but with our system wyou will be notified 24 hours a day.
  • Easy no fuss installation, but removal only through physical drilling the unit out.
  • The only fuel theft prevention system in Africa that will even give you fuel usage reports for the month.
  • “Simply the best” fuel theft detection device in the market, that saves money.

Digit DFuel manufactures devices to prevent fuel theft from all makes of trucks large or small, bakkies, yellow goods, construction equipment, tractors, generators & fuel main bulk tanks – in short, anything that uses fuel. We customise fuel probes to your equipment ‘s requirements, based on material, length, grooves or holes and fitment method. We have years of experience and do fitment to large national fleets on a daily basis, we have saved large fleet companies millions with fuel theft prevention.


Different types of fuel tanks Digit fuel monitoring system can be installed o

Stop Diesel and Fuel Theft

The physical protection of fuel is vital as fuel is an escalating material operational cost, therefore the installation of anti theft devices that “work” is crucial. Anti syphoning devices works great for a few days but it is the most costly, as the fuel is not protected from theft and proper diesel monitoring is not implemented.

A few Facts about Diesel Theft

Diesel has become a liquid currency for money ,food ,consumables. In rural areas in africa Diesel taxi’s ,garages ,diesel depots and “small” transport companies want your diesel and willing pay less for stolen diesel. Side fueling happens when fuel is paid for a garages but some of it is dispensed into a container standing next to the truck or when the vehicle moves it is placed inside a taxi for cash paid to the driver and diesel attendant.  Most of the anti-siphoning devices don’t work, and do not prevent side fueling. The daily “redistribution” of 5-25ltr, 25-50ltr plus is the budget killer, it will not be picked up in the fleet management control and if you have a fleet of 10 vehicles or more this can be a massive amount of fuel yearly, lost, die to miss management. anti syphoning devices do not work, drivers are highly resourceful and see diesel theft as their “right” to complement their income. They utilize electric pumps, drills, pop rivets , fueling points etc. in their quest to siphon fuel. Diesel theft amounts to 15-20 % of all diesel sold in South Africa via redistribution. Water “ carriers” and spaza shops on the side of road are co-conspirators, there are even diesel dispensaries in townships around business parks that your driver simply drives through and fuel gets stolen while he sits and waits. With logistics and fleet owned companies YES! the client pays for the fuel, but you still lose money as it is formula based and not actual fuel lost is included. On the border there is a trend for volume top-ups of stolen fuel with water dilution together with a oil/Parrafin mix or benzine. There will be an indication on our fuel monitoring system the moment water is introduced into the tank. This can have a negative affect on your vehicle performance and cause damage to the fleet vehicles engine.

Contact us and we will assist you in minimising your fuel theft with proven live fuel monitoring technology