Dcam Truck camera system

Truck Camera System for your fleet

Truck Camera systems for the fleet owner.

When it comes to accidents you would like a first-hand visual account of what happened. To buy a dashcam is easy but rather make sure you have professional equipment installed that will survive a vehicle crash to tell you the tail.

These days you can import dashcams in just about every shape and size and at really cheap prices. But be careful, if you pay the price of a toy, it is probably because it is a toy.

Good quality image sensors and camera inner working parts can not be bought cheap and we have seen where vehicles are in heavy accidents the DCAM system from DigitGP reigns superior to the cheap Chinese import products.

Most common uses for a truck camera system

A truck camera system has 3 main rolls

Fleet owners looking at installing truck camera systems think of it as a 3rd party viewing precisely what happens when incidents happen, but truck camera systems have other great reasons to be installed.

1. Truck camera system for all-round visibility.

Some fleet owners get tired of replacing bumpers and fixing rear-end accidents due to the driver not being able to see in the back. A rear-mounted downward-facing camera can assist drivers to see precisely what is happening behind the truck. It will also help in the prevention of damage to other vehicles, which can cost a company dearly.

2. Truck camera system for headcount.

In Africa, many truck drivers that do long hauls give lifts to people on route to the same destination, not only putting the person at risk but making your company liable if something should happen to this person. With a live feed camera system, your control room can check in now and again and see precisely how many people are currently in the vehicle. It is just another way you can keep your assets safe when everything is running smoothly. Drivers will soon realize that they can not do these illegal lift clubs under your watchful eye.

3. Truck camera system for better driver behavior.

When these systems are installed you will notice drivers drive the vehicles better and behave better knowing that someone is constantly monitoring them. This in itself can be a great selling point to the fleet owner knowing that the drives generally are more alert and cautious when they feel they are being monitored.

4. truck camera system for stock take.

We have ad clients setup a truck camera system so that it records the full 4 or 5 hours of stock take in a warehouse. If somewhere along the road there is any discrepancies, the client can always refer back to the footage of that event

Final Note

Remember whatever the reason is for installing these cameras, always discuss with your drivers on why this can be beneficial for them, and make them at ease knowing that you are not in the business of getting rid of them, you are getting a truck camera system for the protection of your assets.

Truck camera system features

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