Fleet Camera system vehicle dash camera DCam

Digit DCam fleet vehicle camera system trackingAfter many years of being a top innovator of fleet management systems for the supply chain companies and vehicle tracking systems, we can now offer vehicle camera solutions as well. Monitor the environment around your vehicles in real time with 24hr surveillance, monitor so that vehicles don’t do illegal stops, pick up passengers or offload where they should not. With the ever present possibility of accidents, know where you stand in the event of liability claims. Fleet vehicle live monitoring from anywhere in the world or use the proprietary software to post view and listen to recorded footage on your PC. Coupled with the Digit fleet management system and vehicle tracking service, you can easily find the vehicle camera footage you need instead of looking through hours of real time recorded data.


The Digit Dcam Fleet vehicle video camera system is designed to help Fleet Managers in the supply chain industry to monitor the fleet from their vehicle tracking control room.

When it comes to owning your fleet vehicles, not only being able to see real time footage in the vehicle while it is not on your premises but you can also have the control to immobilise it via sms.

Immobilisation via sms is a added services product we supply to fleet owners. It is called DCut and by clicking here you can read more about it. It works great in conjunction with the fleet vehicle camera system because if you see something suspicious while monitoring the vehicle real time over the management software you can send an sms and immobilise it and monitor to see that the fleet vehicle is not moving, you can even confirm this by looking at the live vehicle tracking software.Digit DCam fleet vehicle camera system tracking

There are many fleet camera systems available but what makes this fleet camera system unique is that it is a full fleet management solution. If it is combined with the Digit DFuel monitoring system there is no other vehicle tracking system or fleet camera that comes close to this product. This system can give you accurate fuel consumption reports and notification on fuel theft.

Not only will there be live streaming of camera footage from the 5 channel camera system but there is also real time fuel tank levels from the fleet vehicles. Giving the Fleet manager total control over his fleet vehicles remotely. Fleet managers can from their phones do video streaming of live vehicle anywhere in south Africa.

With the 5 channel camera live streaming system you can use a IP camera as dash cams on your fleet vehicles. They work great for HD feeds right from the dash. This is the best option for dash cams. The other 4 channels of the camera live streaming system can be mounted on the sides of the vehicle and one facing backwards especially if your fleet carries loads on the back. Having a camera stream of that can help you a lot when it comes to insurance claims on stolen products.

Another thing with having camera systems fitted is it will actually change the driver behavior, Fleet vehicle drivers behavior changes due to being watched. They become more aware of their driving and this is a great thing. Driver behavior is one of the biggest reasons for fleet vehicle accidents.