Digit DCam Fleet vehicle camera systems

Digit DCam live stream dash cam system in South Africa

When it comes to getting a vehicle camera system installed on your fleet vehicles you need a reliable robust dashcam system that can monitor and display footage live around your fleet vehicles 24/7. In South Africa you find many of these pop up mobile camera system suppliers but not all of them are Africa proof. Here is a breakdown of what out Fleet Camera monitoring system consists of:

Digit DCam MDVR 3G or SD?

The Mobile digital video recorder is the heart of the vehicle camera system. If it doesn’t work, the whole fleet camera system installation is done for no reason at all. We have sourced the best in fleet vehicle surveillance devices so to make sure this part of the system just keeps on working. The top of the range video surveillance model has a build in 3G module for viewing your vehicles live through streaming media. There is a cheaper vehicle camera recording system that uses a SD Card inside and has to be downloaded to get data from it.

Digit DCam dual dash camera

You can buy a cheap Dash Camera setup for your fleet but when accidents happen these cheap DashCams normally fail very quickly.
This Dual Dash Cam setup comes in a robust aluminium housing. Designed as a Industrial standard device, these cameras don’t stop working.

Digit DCam side view camera

Placed in a waterproof, rugged housing, made for being fitted to the side of the fleet vehicle. The camera can be rotated for left- and right hand-side installations. With built in IR leds to give light at night in low light circumstances .

Digit DCam rear view camera

Placed in a waterproof, rugged housing, made for being fitted to look over loading bays and flat bed areas. A small very robust camera to finish off a 360 degrees view of your fleet vehicle’s surroundings.

Digit DCam IP dome camera

With one IP Camera port on the MDVR you can have full HD Resolution on any section of the truck you want to put it. Some clients place it on the dash looking out for better resolution accident details and some put it on the roof facing backwards.