Digit Live Fuel monitoring through vehicle tracking

Digit live fuel monitoring through fleet management system.

Digit vehicle tracking and fleet management has been around for more than ten years and of this time more than five years has been spent perfecting the fuel monitoring system on long haul logistics vehicles.

We know there is a big issue with Fuel theft in Africa. There is big Fuel Theft syndicates and they make a big income of these illegal fuel siphoning businesses.

They target fleet companies with multiple fleet vehicles where you might miss a 200 liter fuel drop from a vehicle that does average 600km per day.

The drivers of the fleet vehicles are normally involved and because they have been working for the company for many years they are not suspected.

And these fuel theft syndicates make it easy for the drivers of your fleet vehicles to simply drive through their street. They stop for 10 minutes at most and get given cash while the fuel is stolen from the tank.

Fuel theft Prevention

There are many hardware fuel theft devices on the market and with most of them a way around it has been found. There is no live direct fuel monitoring so you can only act once you suspect fuel theft.

In some instances people have seen from a distance foul play at their diesel depos but have no hard proof of diesel theft at their premises.

The Solution

Fuel theft can only be stopped by physically monitoring the fuel level in the vehicle live, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We have noticed that our tracking device looks for GPS locations permanently and we can hook it up to a sensor that gets installed in the fuel tank, that also monitors it permanently.

If the sensor stops working, you get notified, if the fuel level drops while the vehicle is stationary, you get notified, consumption reports for daily, weekly, monthly usage can be delivered to the client. Now you will have the proof to show where the Fuel was stolen from the tank, it has a location, plus time, plus amount stolen.


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