Welcome to Digit fleet and fuel management
Digit fleet and fuel management’s modern ideas and up to date approach to fleet management
and fuel monitoring, as well as our immediate response to changing circumstances, means we are able to deliver the best technology at the best price.
We sell dash camera and immobilise your vehicle via sms solutions and not tracking
hence our policy is to strive for complete customer satisfaction, which will ensure that Digit will not be a grudge purchase, but will contribute to your business success by delivering savings well beyond its cost and management effort.

we specialise in fleet management & fuel monitoring through digit vehicle tracking technology.

Digit camera systems and fleet management
We have been in the vehicle tracking business since the start of Digit vehicle tracking. Being one of their very first distributors in the Gauteng province. We are actually known as Digisky tracking but in the past few years we have changed our name to Digit GP mostly due to the fact that we are one of the biggest Digit fleet management solutions distributors in Gauteng and have been one of the Top Service delivery companies for the Digit group since the start.
It has been an eventful 10 years, yes you have heard correctly. We have been doing fleet management, vehicle tracking, fuel monitoring, vehicle immobilising, trailer tracking, temperature monitoring, dash cameras and just plain old asset tracking for more than 10 years. We started of as a small tracker company in the east of Pretoria and has grown to service over more than a 1000 clients. We keep our vehicle tracking clients due to 2 things.
We have impeccable service delivery to the fleet owners whom we service and our tracking product is designed to take the harsh environments thrown at it in the African fleet and logistics industry.
It just shows you that the supplier of Digit vehicle tracking and fleet management product, has been a stable supplier with good quality hardware that lasts for year. Some of the very first tracking devices installed by us 10 years ago are still working today. It is crazy to think we have been doing it this long, and with our product base expanding into dash cameras and full on vehicle camera solutions the sky is the limit.


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